QuickView: File Viewer Software (Full Detail)

What is QuickView?


QuickView is a file viewer in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems, this viewer can be used to view practically any file.

#1 Desktop File Viewer: Business Automation, eDiscovery, Native File Review, and Digital Forensics’

QuickView Plus 2020: For productivity, Quick View Plus 2020 is designed. View more than 300 file types without using the programs they were made with. Quick View Plus 2020 provides all the features you want, whether you’re seeking a file viewer for your desktop or laptop or need more sophisticated capabilities for eDiscovery, native file examination, or computer forensics.

QuickView Plus Web 3.0: It is an HTML5 document viewer that enables users to view virtually any file in a web browser without the need for desktop-based software. Quick View Plus Web integrates with your website or web applications, including document management, eDiscovery, and review solutions. Quick View Plus Web can also extract text from files, generate final form versions of files, display metadata, and even show “hidden” content in files, making extra information in files visible.

System Requirement For Quickview


Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008 R2
Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 or later
.NET Framework 4.5


Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Features of QuickView Plus

Browser-Based Viewing

Quick View Plus Web provides advanced AI for native file viewing and ability from almost all Browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Edge, Bing, Internet Explorer, Brave, and Firefox). Its powerful API design allows us to integrate with third parties easily like eDiscovery, document management platforms, and many others and it doesn’t need any plugins or any desktop Software to view its files.

QuickView Plus Can View Any Files Virtually

The Web of Quick View Plus provides access to the widest range of file types, from text and word processing documents to email, database, spreadsheet, presentation, design, raster, and vector image files—hundreds of file formats.


Annotation: Quick View Plus allows everyone to add any notation to the file. Annotation can add comments, highlights, or texts.

Redaction: Quick View Plus gives the ability to redact content inside a document file, just you need to simply click the area or text you wanted to redact. With Quick View Plus Web, you may redact specific parts of a document. Simply choose the text or region you wish to omit. Before the document was output as the final version to which the redactions would be applied, Quick View Plus Web enables you to view the original content that was not redacted. Redactions are made by choosing text and removing any portions that cannot be searched. Redacting Personally Identifiable Information is one example of a redaction that can be carried out automatically by utilizing patterns (PII).

QuickView: Original Formatting

QuickView Plus File Viewer
QuickView Plus File Viewer

You can view content exactly as it was created with Quick View Plus Web because it nearly perfectly faithfully preserves original formatting, including text formatting and graphics within documents.

Form Production, Completion

Great for eDiscovery When you’re ready to produce your final set of files, export them as TIFFs or PDFs. The final form of production can be customized to incorporate any annotations or redactions in addition to the document’s content.

View Files’ Hidden Information

Quick View Plus Web shows file metadata together with additional data, including hidden rows and columns in tables, speaker annotations and comments in presentations, and hidden data in Microsoft Word documents that are not visible in the actual document.

Advanced Search

It permits a third-party program to pre-search the document’s contents and give the Quick View Plus Web application information to highlight in the file view. The highlights option can be given in addition to the standard documents request parameters to express unique settings for the highlights. In the open file, you can also run arbitrary searches from within Quick View Plus Web.

Supports Workflow and Existing Applications

 To deliver a smooth user experience, Quick View Plus Web’s API is designed to easily interact with your current third-party apps, such as litigation case management or eDiscovery systems.

Review of Native Files at High Speed

Quick View Plus Web, an integrated HTML5-based application, accelerates review teams’ productivity by including native file viewing into their standardized legal review platform. Installing desktop software, learning a new interface, or moving between apps is not necessary.

Versions of QuickView

Features of QuickView: Version 2020 (Latest)


  • View 300+ file formats
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) support
  • File identification (with or without a file extension)
  • Microsoft Excel interactive Grid View
  • Thumbnails for quick access to content
  • Microsoft Project timeline and Gantt chart view


  • Annotate selected area or text
  • Redact selected area or text

Hidden Content

  • Metadata view
  • Hidden text view for Microsoft Word documents
  • Tracked changes view for Microsoft Word documents
  • Speaker notes and comments view for PowerPoint presentations
  • Hidden columns and rows view for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets


  • Search options, including hit highlighting and ‘Auto Search’


  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer integration
  • Windows Explorer and Preview Pane integration
  • Ability to run from a command line

Built-in utilities

  • Save any file as a PDF or TIFF
  • Built-in zip utility to create and extract zip files

Quick View For UNIX

It is a version of Inso Corporation QVP supporting Sun Solaris for SPARC, HP-UX, and IBM AIX.

Version 2013 of Quick View Plus

On August 20, 2013, the Standard Edition and Professional Edition were made available.

  • Changes to both Quick View Plus 12 versions include: It supports Windows 8 (64- and 32-bit), Internet Explorer 10, and Microsoft Outlook 2013.
  • High encryption versions of.PST files are now supported in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • Improved support for file formats:
  • RTF messages: Embedded HTML now displays more faithfully to the source file in RTF messages.
  • Digitally signed MSG and EML files are treated in the same way as unsigned MSG and EML files when examined. Clear, opaque, and uncompressed unencrypted signatures are supported. Self-signatures are not accepted.
  • Fields for notes are available in Microsoft Project

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