Vikaspedia – Your Guide to Development in India (विकासपीडिया क्या है और यह कैसे मदद करता है)

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Vikaspedia, an online resource of information and content pertaining to India’s development initiatives, the Ministry of Development launched this on February 18, 2014 in New Delhi, India.

It aims to provide complete information on all development projects, programmes and schemes of the Government of India spread across different ministries and departments that impact the lives of people in India through one single platform.

It will also be useful for investors who want to start a business in India or expand their existing business footprint here.

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What Is Vikaspedia

Vikaspedia is an encyclopedic repository of knowledge about national and international development, with a focus on issues within developing countries.

The site is currently hosted by Cornell University. And is funded by the mix of grants from Cornell, several other universities and private donors.

The goal of Vikaspedia is for anyone interested in development – students, professionals, donors, NGOs – to have easy access to reliable information that will increase their understanding of development-related topics.

Why government of India launched “Vikaspedia”

It is important for Indian developers and IT Professionals to have a resource for getting up-to-date. Information on government policies, funding schemes, and innovations that can help them grow their skillsets.

The Vikaspedia website is a way for developers and students across India to get access to relevant information quickly.

What type of content is provided by Vikaspedia?

It is a multi-language platform that provides information about development activities in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

It currently has details of projects from central ministries/departments and state governments across 29 states and 7 union territories.

Vikaspedia is a knowledge sharing platform in which however you can get information about public and private sector development activities across India.

How can it be useful for you

Vikaspedia is a Wiki-based website dedicate towards development information and activities. It is a one-stop source for all kinds of development activity – both national and international. It brings together content from websites, blogs, news, discussion forums and many other sources on the Internet related to development issues under one roof.

One of its main aims is to make all people – including NGOs, government agencies, students and researchers as well as other organisations working for social causes etc., get connected with each other.

Vikaspedia a free guidance

Vikaspedia- a free guide
Made in India Guide

The word Vikaspedia means development. We at Vikaspedia, a team of dedicated professionals, understand that development is crucial for any country.

We believe it is important to support you, a foreigner here in India. So that you may reach your professional and personal goals. Therefore, our company aims to help you to have a fruitful time both now. And in the future by supporting you with what you need for your profession, career, and your social life.

Whether you are looking for important data related to your work or simply planning a trip out of town, our site is sure to be an all-inclusive guide for you.

You can also contribute

Vikaspedia, become a contributor.

Vikaspedia is an online platform that connects you with clients, customers and co-developers through a collaborative effort of members from over 200 cities and 4000+ villages across our great nation. With Vikaspedia, your projects will not only be successful, but also socially responsible! Through promoting local entrepreneurship and self-reliance, Vikaspedia allows users to work on large-scale projects such as education development or building low cost housing for thousands of beneficiaries.

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