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Road Transport of India – भारत का सड़क परिवहन

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    Road Transport

    • Indian has one of the largest road transport (Road Transport) networks in the words (48 lakh km approx). It consists of National highway, State highways; major/other district roads and rural roads.
    • NH 548 and NH 118 are the shortest National Highways each with the length of 5 km.
    • The North-South and East-West Corridor (NS-EW) is the largest project in India. It is the second phase of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP) and involves building 7300 km of six lane expressway connecting Srinagar, Kanyakumari, Porbandar and Silchar.
    • NS-EW Corridor intersect at Jhansi.
    • The Indian Railways operate in three different gauges i.e. Broad Gauge (distance between rails is 1.676m).Metre Gauge (distance between rails is 1.00m) (distance between rails is .762 or 0.610m).
    • Maharashtra has the maximum length of surfaced roads in India.
    The Golden Quadrilateral project connects the four metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata covering a total distance of 5952 km. It is the first phase of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP).

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